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Your skill in decision-making is directly proportional to your quality of information acquisition. So, how good are you at making decisions? How good are you at acquiring information? — Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke

Curators are the new Google. In a world of infinite information, it’s no longer enough to organize the world’s information. It becomes important to organize the world’s trustworthy information. Human knowledge today is a vast ocean of ephemeral and fragmented info, with the best sources near-impossible to find. We’re now seeing this scale is at odds with a fundamental human need: relevance. The solution is better search and better curation. —Sari Azout

Travel tech professionals are looking for answers.  In an age of information abundance, it is a bit ironic that reliable answers are increasingly hard and expensive to find. For the last few months, I have been working on a couple of products that are aimed to get answers in a better way and that address needs that many of you have communicated to me over the course of the last two years. They seek to bring relevance and inspiration to your searches, whether your’re looking for who the biggest investors in hotel tech SaaS startups are or for the latest developments on airline ancillaries.

The mission of these two products (described below) is for you to search less and find more. Here’s what I was after:
🚀 Fast (in seconds, not hours)
🔍 Searchable, agile, intuitive (no need to be a data scientist)
🕵️ Human-curated content (there is too much noise and too many special interests)
📚 Publisher agnostic (quality content is increasingly decentralized and told by creators and company builders as opposed to corporate journalists)
↔️ Horizontal focus (great advice applies across industries)
🤑 Affordable (because I don't have a corporate overhead to support)

Please read on for more details on each product.

1. Startups & Investors interactive dataset

A dataset of 944 (and growing) travel startups from 76 countries and 343 cities that have received a total funding of $44 billion from 2064 VCs and angels in the last 4 years. The startups are categorized in 8 macro categories and 256 micro categories. The dataset is updated weekly.

With this product, you will be able to instantly find answers to questions such as:

  • Which VCs have invested in the travel space since the beginning of the pandemic
  • Which French startups offer B2B travel ancillary services?
  • Which startups can help airlines launch subscription services?
  • Which startups can help hotels increase direct bookings?
  • Which VCs are investing in proptech startups in Europe?
  • Which are the European startups in the luggage pick-up and delivery space, and which VCs are investing in them?
  • Which B2B startups with at least $1 million in funding offer APIs for flight content and ancillaries?
  • Which corporate travel startups have received funding since 2020 (and from whom)?
  • Which are the largest travel startup hub cities in Europe?
  • Geographic distribution of urban mobility startups and most active investors?
  • Etc...

I’ve used this dataset to get the data for recent posts like VC Investments in Travel and Transportation Startups in 2021, Travel Startup Cities and Who is Investing in Travel Startups?

*** IMPORTANT: I don’t want lack of resources to stop you from accessing these datasets. Please complete this simple form if you have a financial situation that makes it difficult to pay for access to the datasets.

2. Research & Insights interactive dataset

A searchable and weekly updated platform that contains 1250 travel articles and reports, 390 categories and 963 companies to easily search, find and discover relevant content. Think of it as a categorized search engine for quality and curated travel content.  If you’re looking for a specific article, researching topics or companies, or just browsing for something inspiring on a topic of interest to you, this is the best place to start. Also great for serendipitous discoveries. 

  • Airline subscription and membership programs
  • Ancillary opportunities for hotels
  • Business travel outlook
  • Air Taxis and eVTOLs
  • Traveler behavior trends
  • Multimodal transportation companies
  • Investment trends, SPACs, IPOs in travel tech
  • Research reports by McKinsey on air travel innovation
  • Etc…

I’ve used this dataset for the Online Travel Trends Report 2021, for example.

*** IMPORTANT: I don’t want lack of resources to stop you from accessing these datasets. Please complete this simple form if you have a financial situation that makes it difficult to pay for access to the datasets.


Can I expense this?
it’s highly likely that you can, given that this is business-focused content.

Do you have group/company offers?
Absolutely. Feel free to reach out to to get more info.

What if I can't afford it?
I don’t want lack of resources to stop you from accessing these datasets. Reach out to me at and we’ll work something out.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
Yes, no hard feelings.

What people are saying

I just subscribed to both the datasets that you had recently announced & I feel it was the best $135 I ever spent. Just the 1st insight I came across on ancillary revenue would probably save me so much time in research as I am building my pitch for the next fund raise. Thank you so much for putting this together. Looking forward to more stellar stuff like this. — Ankit Sawant

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Travel Intelligence - Better Search, Better Curation

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